Are You Having Problems In The John?

john school

I did not know that! This is coming from someone who is also in the throes of expressing a huge sigh of relief. He honestly thought that he was coming to the end of the line and that there was no hope left for him. There was no one out there that could sit with him and listen to his problem. Apart from the fact that it was hugely embarrassing, it was a rather sensitive matter and all hell could have broken loose if someone with whom he is intimate with ever found out. The thing is, this relieved man had what is known as a problem in the John.

And if he was not having a problem in the John he was having a problem with the John. Could you possibly relate to what this man had been going through? That would depend. Because if you are someone who is obsessed with sex, so much so that you really need to get a regular fix with a regular prostitute or hooker, you could be eligible for what is known as john school. You need not feel bad about going to this school. There is going to be no naming and shaming here, and no one is here to judge you.

Apart from the fact that you could be sharing some of your previous sorrows and frustrations with men who can relate, because they are dealing with similar issues, you should be in the safe hands of at least one counselor, a man, or even a woman, of integrity. Discretion is his or her watchword. And if group therapy is not going to do it for you right now, private one on one counseling sessions should be your right too.